QMS procedures are a key philosophy that is entrenched into all we do, the practice of openness and transparency in all matters of business.


Environmental Management

Astor industries Pty Ltd is committed to establishing and maintaining its facility and systems having minimum impacton the environment as possible.

Astor Industries is inspected regularly by an external auditor to ensure we are maintain and improving our controls over processes and materials whose incorrect use may cause damage to the environment.

To achieve and maintain our high standard, we require the cooperation and support of employees and visitors to our factory.

Astor Industries, through its Environmental Management System, will minimise its impact on the environment by;

  • Reducing and eliminating wasteful practices from all company activities,
  • Identifying, managing and controlling any process or waste stream considered as hazardous or potentially hazardous;
  • Providing a work place culture that is conscious of its effect on the environment;
  • Continuously improving our environmental management procedures and our processes;
  • Managing all waste materials including their ultimate disposal;
  • Meeting all environmental regulatory controls applicable to our processes and waste stream.

Astor Industries is committed to this policy and will provide the necessary resources and training to facilitate its success.



The Water Board, which regulates all industrial discharges of wastewater to sewers in Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains, commended our facility for the design and installation of our wastewater treatment plant.

Quoting from a letter:

“I have been particularly impressed with your approach to the whole concept of wastewater management. Not only have you addressed the problems of ‘rinse water’ purification, which is normally the major (or only) problem addressed by the metal finishing industry, you have addressed the more important issue of waste minimisation, segregation and accident spillage control. You have also been able to reduce water consumption by more than 50%, by re-use of your high quality wastewater. The consistent high standard of your compliance with the Trade Waste Service Agreement has been exemplary, and as yet no other metal finishers have reached the standard of wastewater you have achieved.”

“Quoted letter from The Sydney Water Board”