Astor Industries is a proud Australian family business who shares a committed focus in developing the organisation through innovation and sound leadership.

Astor Industries

  • We believe that Australian Manufacturing is world class.
  • We believe in change and understand that transformation is an enabler of innovation and results in superior products and services.
  • We acknowledge that it is our fundamental skills and competencies that have made us who we are and we will never underestimate or lose sight of their value.
  • We are committed to innovation and excellence.
  • We employ rigorous quality standards in all facets of our organisation.
  • “We know what we do and we do it very well”.

Astor Industries is an Australian manufacturer of premier plastic injection moulded, decorated and assembled components.

Built on a foundation of Quality and Service, Astor Industries’ is recognised by its long-term customers as leaders in quality injection moulded items,

Innovation and manoeuvrability have enabled Astor Industries to broaden its reach into Global networks including several non-automotive markets while still maintaining its unique standing as a wholly owned and operated Australian Company.

Our Team

The core team at Astor Industries has extensive history and expertise in manufacturing and decoration of both plastic and base metal products. Many of our core employees have completed in excess of 25yrs service, providing a stable and reliable industry supplier.The core team leaders are specialists in their respective fields with many years of experience and training to call upon.

Mission Statement

Astor Industries is committed to providing high end manufacturing solutions to existing and future clients, by constantly reviewing our operations and adoption for new technologies. Diversification is key to our ongoing success. Establishing ourselves into new markets and industry niches that was historically overlooked, will be the norm. This will entail a transformative shift from our predominantly automotive manufacturing processes, but believe this is small a change which can be easily accommodated.

We recognise and support the adoption of contemporary manufacturing and production methods, however we will always utilise that which gives the finest result and preserve our core competencies. Our duty in providing a high end manufacturing solution is upheld by our strong commitment to continuous improvement and our strict adherence to Quality Management System. Continuous improvement will always be our focus. We acknowledge our history, embrace change and maintain a constant vigilance on events surrounding us.

Astor Industries adheres to the principles of transparency, accountability and an open book policy.

Our History

Many of Astor Industries’ customers and suppliers are familiar with its historical operations under Astor Base Metals, who served the Australian manufacturing sector for over 50 years, preceding its sale on April 2, 2015.

Astor Industries has a sound strategic focus for its future direction; however we recognise the important achievements and legacy of the founding management and their significant contribution to the Australian Car industry over their 50 year association.

Experience and intimate knowledge of the organisational relationships between client and vendor has enabled the Executive to smoothly secede from the former entity and become Astor Industries.